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Greetings and Welcome to www.CollectHotShots.com!  If you found this website by chance or came searching for it... your search for The Most Comprehensive Hot Shots Collecting Website has come to an end!  Yay!

Whether you are a novice collector or a "Diehard Completionist", such as myself, you will probably find something here of interest.  This is a fan based site dedicated to the defunct Hot Shots Collector Cards for Men produced by D.B. Cardiff Trading Card company which later became R-Cards (R-Cards also produced 3 Penthouse Sets in its later years of existence.)

The menu system to the left will guide you on your way to building your own Hot Shots Card Collection.  The online store offers Hot Shots items I have acquired over the years from my many acquistions.  The Links page is what helps keep this site up and running.  So please visit a sponsor or affiliate and subscribe for a month or more!

Do you have Hot Shots items to sell?  Send a list of what you want to sell and I will get back to you with a price!  Even if it is old newsletters, envelopes order forms, business cards etc.  Anything that may help this site expand and create the best point of reference for other Hot Shots collector's to use!

Be sure and checkout the Site Updates page to what new things have been added or changed at www.CollectHotShots.com!