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About the site creator...

I've been collecting Hot Shots Collector Cards since my early days in College... ah, youth well spent... My first cards were a few hundred Hot Shots Premier cards loose in a box that the local comic shop was going to throw out.

I built an incomplete set of those cards and searched for anything else I could find with the Hot Shots Logo.  Months later I was able to obtain some Hot Shots 2: The Emperor's Collection as well as some Dare to Bare.  There was no internet like we know it today. I was not "in the know" when it came to adult card price guides and the like, so I had to rely on the local hobby and comic shops to assist with the hard to find Hot Shots Cards... Weeks turned into months and months into years... and I kept searching for more.  Finally I found more Hot Shots cards in the form of Playing Cards!  WOW!  Now those were some hot cards to collect! Hot Shots Series 4: The Queen of Hearts Collection was by Far the best set to date for the D.B. Cardiff card company.  The Queen of Hearts Collection is probably the first set I was able to buy packs and build a complete set of (except for the pog poker chips and a couple insert cards.)

Years after the first cards trickled into my hands... I was running out of things to collect related to Hot Shots.  With the massive explosion of the Internet and online auctions I have been able to obtain many items that I never knew existed.  My collection has grown from simple hand collated sets, to factory issued binder sets, sealed boxes of hot shots products, uncut sheets, distribution information and currently factory cases (which are proving to be quite difficult to find.)

This site is in not affiliated with the original Hot Shots Company.  Being the completionist that I am, I ended up purchasing the domain name that the D.B. Cardiff Company once owned and advertised on their Hot Shots 7: Signature Series  packaging and on Trilogy '98 Part 1 packaging.