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Legal Info

Per the advice of Legal Council the following information is being provided.

All images depicted on Hot Shots trading cards are copyright their respective copyright holders, photographers (J. Stephen Hicks, Suze Randall or Earl Miller).  These are professional photographers that require their models sign a release form prior to photoshoots. The models have NO RIGHTS to the images or photographs on Hot Shots trading cards.  When a model relinquishes their rights to a photo, they have NO EXPECTATION of privacy from those photos.

If you have questions about model release information please contact the appropriate photographer with the links provided below:

J. Stephen Hicks
Suze Randall
Earl Miller

Photo Release or Model Release

From the period of 1991 to 2001 when the original Hot Shots company was in operation, Hot Shots licensed the use of images for depiction on its trading cards.  The models have NO RIGHTS to these images per the release forms the models completed from the copyright holder (photographer).

Photo and Image Usage

The photograph or scan of the card that I am selling falls under "fair use" and does not impede the work of the copyright holder (photographer).  The images are of low resolution for representation of merchandise (trading cards and collectibles) for sale from the defunct Hot Shots Adult Trading Card Company.  This site does NOT use derivative image work from the copyrighted images. Again, models have NO RIGHTS to these images as per their release forms with the copyright holders (photographers).

17 U.S. Code ยง 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

For Example:
If I have a magazine to sell, I can take a photograph of the magazine and list it on eBay for sale. Even though the magazine is copyrighted to the publisher and/or photographer I can still take a photograph of what I have to sell. That is fair use, and that is what is done on this website.